One Thing That Will Help You When There Aren’t Enough Hours In The Day.

23 July, 2021 | Lifestyle, Organisation, Power Of An Hour

Image of a sofa and coffee table, highlighting the benefits of relaxation in a calm environment for the power of an hour.
Nkuku Lifestyle know exactly how to make a home relaxing yet functional.

In a series of Blogs, I’ll be sharing with you how an hour can be really powerful when focus and determination is combined. Each blog will have a different theme to your dedicated hour each day. So, step by step, you’ll have a ⁣host of tools to help you organise your lifestyle, therefore freeing up time for things you love.

However, what can you do when there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day?

Have you ever found that when you have a mountain of things to do, you just don’t know where to start..?

Image of calming flowers, to relax about overwhelm over the power of an hours.
Don’t worry, take a breathe. Let’s remove the overwhelm.

Or perhaps you have just ONE thing to do and that task seems so totally overwhelming, so big (maybe even bigger) as you’ve over thought it! 

What happens?

We procrastinate, put it off, scroll through our phones..

Maybe do everything we shouldn’t be doing just to put that task off a little more! 

Does this sound familiar? 

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”

Henry Ford

OK bare with me on this quote!⁣
I’m a firm believer that if we look after the small things, then bigger things, which might seem impossible, take care of themselves…⁣

Let me introduce you to a tool that I created years ago: the Power of an Hour.. It’s so simple but really helpful to just get started and make some headway with that task or tasks.. 

Don’t worry, I promise not to add overwhelm to your life, but help to take it away.. ⁣

Image of lap top with coffee cup and flowers in the back ground the power of an hour may take place in the office.

Here’s what to do:

Decide on your Mission, what it is that you want to achieve.?

Turn off your notifications and put your phone down. 

Set your timer for one hour maximum.

Get to work, with intention and without distraction.

Why does it work?

By simply putting some urgency around your Mission, knowing that you have just one hour to make progress, you’ll find you’ll achieve so much – especially without any distractions! It’s amazing how quickly and easily we can be distracted!

“The Power of an Hour is such a help to me as I can’t physically do as much as I used to do. The Power Hour is such a string and positive name, it doesn’t make you feel feeble that you can only manage an hour!! Thanks for sharing, it’s been life changing for my husband and I’ 

Two coffee cups indicating the power of an hour to relax or to celebrate after the Power of an Hour is over.

Sometimes we don’t have have an entire hour to dedicate to a Mission, that’s OK. Often it’s simply the getting started that we struggle with. If you only have 20 minutes or half an hour, that’s fine too. 

Incidentally, your Power of an Hour doesn’t have to be all about getting stuff done and ticking things off a list. It can be for whatever you want it to be. Self care and a happy mental health is far more important than an empty email box or a completed “to do” list.

Image of the sea thrust on the cliff path with the sea in the background, highlighting the benefits of getting outside.
A walk along the coast in the fresh can be super powerful.

Here are some ideas:

Something just for YOU

Call a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with ..

Enjoy the fresh air, whilst giving the garden a little makeover..

Giving your pantry a little Refresh.

Image of a laptop on a desk with coffee cup, bulldog clips and a notebook

Most importantly, whatever you decide to do with your Power of an Hour:

Do it with intention

Without scrolling through your phone

Without interruption..

This is YOUR time!

What do you think?

I’d love to know how you find using this simple tool and what an effect it has on your daily life and routine.

Image of the free daily planner food in the organisation tools as an example

The Power of an Hour is a great way to inject intention into your day or evening. I’ve shared  free daily planner (and more) in the Organisation tools.

It really helps keep me focused and find it invaluable for my Power of an Hour.

What will you do with your next Power of an Hour? I’d love to know, join in the conversation on my Instagram or comment below. Feel free to tag me into your #powerofanhour and use the hashtag!

Here’s to feeling more in control and less overwhelmed!

Sending love,

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