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Hello! My name is Claire, I am a full-time mum and live in a beautiful village in the South Hams, Devon with my husband, our two teenagers and our happy little cat Fred. I recently celebrated my 50th (Shhhh!) and I’m feeling young at heart, mostly! Life is hectic but I love it, I know how tricky it is juggling everything!

I love seeing my friends and family happy, being by the sea, interiors, candles, flowers, a good Sauvignon (& more recently Gin!) and warm, sunny days.

I also love feeling fit  (I’ve completed the London Marathon 4 times for Coppafeel & Cancer Research UK and am currently on my own health and fitness journey having taken quite a big step back last year. 

I don’t love people who are unkind.

I’m pleased to meet you.

My first career was nursing, having trained at St Mary’s Hospital, London. I initially specialised in cardiology before having two serious back injuries that threatened to end my career. I wore a back brace for several weeks & was told I wouldn’t be able to carry a baby full term! Thanks to my “can do” attitude, I proved the Drs wrong. I found a love for Oncology, competed my nursing degree with a specialist in cancer and palliative care & was promoted to Nursing Sister. During this time I moved to Devon, met my husband & became a mummy! Busy, busy!

During my maternity leave and in turn a career break, my passion for all things health, fitness & wellbeing really became more than an interest.

I qualified as a Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach & created my award winning Devon Fit Camp in late 2010 – my first clients were at BBC Radio Devon & I’m delighted to say I still have close links with them today. I loved working with all my clients, helping them become fit and fabulous, losing weight & gaining confidence & many friends too. 

Devon Fit Camp and I were known for transforming women’s (and some men’s) lives, supporting and encouraging them to fulfil their desires and walk away with a fabulous figure and lifestyle they are proud of. It was a privileged job, one I adored.

However, at the end of 2018, I took the very difficult decision to say goodbye to Devon Fit Camp in order to create a work / life balance, to allow me to spend more time with my family and to support my children in their sporting dreams. You’ll find me by the side of a swimming pool or a rugby pitch – a lot! Any swim parents or rugby parents will know what I mean!

2019 was a tough year, very tough, that’s hard to admit. (I touch on it in a previous blog post). Being a “Woman on a Mission” isn’t always easy, I’ve learned over the years that it’s OK not to be OK and drop the ball – we all do it, right? 

Why Woman on a Mission? 

Women On A Mission was born as part of my VIP coaching business several years ago. I believe we are all on own own little Missions and we each have our missions each day, me included. 

Whether it be to be the best parent, partner, friend, to be the best version of ourselves in work and at home – be it to leave the house on time or taking on a big renovation project, whatever the Mission, big or small, in order to do so well,  we must look ourselves to the best of our ability. There is a reason the airlines suggest we put on our masks first before helping others in case of an emergency!

Now working freelance, I still enjoying writing and if you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest you’ll know I still love sharing my weekly Missions and Power Hours – they are small but very effective and I believe, make a big difference. One mission a week, leads to 52 missions year, 52 ways to bring a positive and motivating habit to our lives, to help us live the best life we can.

Whatever your Mission in life, work, home and garden, it’s good to know there’s someone out there to support you. Our house is our home, our castle, the place we feel safe and special and as we spend our downtime there, let’s focus on how to feel amazing there too. 

I live my life one Mission at a time, hence the name but my passion is to share my nuggets with as many people as I can and so will be sharing with my musings on all things lifestyle, wellness, nutrition and fitness with a little interiors and gardening thrown in!  

You’ll hear me talk about my favourite F’s words along with Fun, Food, Fitness, Faith (self belief) Friendship, Family, Finance and Focus… lots of F’s within my Woman on a Mission programme which I still use today (with a few f**k it moments along the way from time to time!) We all have them right?!

This is a place where I hope to help and guide you to a work and life blend where you have boundaries around the things that are important to you. I’ll be helping you instruct your magic wand so that you are in control of the things you desire, creating a guilt free lifestyle and more than anything, I hope this blog will make you feel looked after, inspired and accomplished!

I’m so very pleased to meet you and I do hope you’ll join me on my next Mission, it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter.

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Hi, I'm Claire

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