October 14, 2021
Boost Your Morning Productivity in 5 Easy Ways.
Gorgeous breakfast in bed scene from Neptune

Creating a routine each morning that works for you, which in turn helps you boost your productivity, makes all the difference to your day.

However, it is tempting to stay under the duvet as the mornings are that much darker! The consequences of tapping that snooze button once or maybe three times, are that an already busy hour becomes even more chaotic.

How have your mornings been going this week..?

bathroom scene of mirror and basin unit with mini olive tree, a beautfiul way to start each morning

Let’s start slow before we make any adjustments..

What does your routine look like at the moment?

How would you like it to look in comparison?

Grab a cuppa and 5 minutes to scribble anything that comes into your mind in your journal.

It helps to have a clear vison of the now and the wish..

I know it sounds crazy but writing it down brings a clearer idea of what you are striving to achieve.

Do you wake up every morning full of vigour, ready to tackle the day with all of your energy, youthfulness and vitality?


Well, if it helps, you’re not alone. Promise!

Many of us virtually sleepwalk through the morning in a serious mental and physical fog, desperately plying ourselves with coffee in an attempt to wake up!

If this sounds like you, you might think you’re just not a morning person, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
This isn’t the case.

While it’s true we all have varying predispositions to being either a “night owl” or a “morning person” it is possible to boost your morning energy, with a few simple strategies.

Relaxed, calm bedroom setting with green and white tones. Going to a room that's inviting and clam to sleep in has an impact on a prodcutive day.
Going to a room that’s inviting and calm to sleep really does have a positive impact on a productive day.

Get A Good Nights Sleep.

Obvious I know, a good nights sleep increases productivity to function at our best and most of us need around 8 hours of sleep each night. If this sounds too good to be true, here are a few tips:

sleep mask and pillow made of solk from https://www.soakandsleep.com

Establish a routine.

What does your routine look like at the moment?

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.

Your body loves routine, and sleeping similar hours each day helps adjust your circadian rhythms, so that you naturally fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

Vigorous exercise or mentally stressful activities in the last hour or two before bedtime, can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

Chill out and relax before you go to bed. Watching Squid Game in bed isn’t the answer to relaxed sleeping, sorry!

The body responds to light and it is much easier to sleep in a completely dark room. Light can actually interfere with the body’s production of melatonin, a neurotransmitter which helps us sleep. Keep electronics and low lighting from alarm clocks to a minimum.

Start your morning right with a healthy, feel good breakfast. Bowl of fruit with yogurt and granola on a napkin
Start your morning right with a healthy, feel good breakfast.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast.

One of the main causes of low energy in the morning is low blood sugar due to the overnight fast and in addition to skipping breakfast.

We know this don’t we but eating a balanced breakfast, with a source of protein, whole grain carbohydrates, and fruits or vegetables prevents that mid morning slump and reaching for the biscuit barrell.

Avoiding sugary, highly processed carbs each morning, which trigger rapid peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels, means that those dips in energy will be gone and your productivity on point!

Image of mugs of coffee. Limit your caffine for a more focused night sleep

Avoid Excessive Caffeine And Alcohol.

Many of us feel dependent on the caffeine in tea or coffee, to get us through the morning. It does indeed provide a temporary boost, although this boost isn’t always as effective as you’d first think.
Excessive caffeine can impair your ability to relax and it can interfere with your usual sleep patterns too.
Alcohol on the other hand, tends to disturb your sleep cycle, leading to frequent waking, a poor night’s sleep overall and maybe even adding to that foggy head in the morning!

Exercise In The Morning

morning sunrise in the lanes of devon

One of the best ways to boost your morning energy, and ability to concentrate, is to get some exercise first thing in the morning. It was one of the many reasons I ran my fitness camps in the mornings at 6am and 9am.

Exercise helps improve your circulation, strength and flexibility, as well as your mood.

Exercising before work also gives you more energy on the job, while boosting your creativity.

As an added bonus, many studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning are the most consistent at staying with their exercise plan.

Waiting to exercise in the afternoon or evening, problems or scheduling conflicts often occur and prevent you from getting your workout in. (I know I’m guilty of this!)

Going for a morning walk, jog, swim session, or working out in your own home ensures that no matter what else happens that day, you’ve already had a chance to exercise. No excuses, hehe!

open laptop flatlap with coffee and chocolate featuring work - start your morning at the desk ready to be productive
Start your morning at the day ready to be productive

Creating A Morning Ritual Helps With Productivity

Try getting into the habit of starting your day with a relaxing ritual. Bare with me, especially if your morning this morning started with the alarm not going off and everyone charging out of the door clutching shoes and toast..!

Start slow but aim high – little by little introduce the above tips and it’ll happen! Promise!

I love to set my alarm that little bit earlier and head out for a walk in the Devon lanes, mediate or stretch. I know that might sound a little strange but I am SO much more productive for doing so.

Taking time out to simply be thankful for the day ahead, listening to uplifting music will help you to feel more in control of your day and set you up to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Garden Trading SS19 Breakfast in Bed - Landscape Group Shot
Garden Trading
What better in the morning, than Breakfast in Bed

Remember, dreary, sleepy, foggy mornings don’t have to be the norm…
With a little planning and preparation, you can start your day full of energy, enthusiasm and vitality!

Let’s make those little adjustments to a calmer and more efficient life without adding more!

What are your tips for morning productivity and feeling energised? For me, it’s all the above and my #powerofanhour

I’d love to know..

Join in the conversation by commenting below or on my instagram.

Sending love.


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