How to support the student in your house through exam season.

30 October, 2021 | Lifestyle, Wellbeing

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Like anything in life, feeling prepared, with the right mindset is half the battle

Exam season is looming, especially for those taking A level and GCSE mock exams. A stressful time for students and parents alike, especially during a pandemic when school life over the last 20 months has been so disjointed.. It really hasn’t been easy for parents and teachers as we try to help them navigate this time in their lives,

Many students feel the pressure really is on to hit those grades. In this blog, I’m sharing a guide to help you make a plan, ensuring the students in your home feel prepared and balanced as much as they can be.

exam season; view of the beach shoreline at sunset. enjoy the big outdoors.
Enjoy the big outdoors, have a break from the book and get some fresh air, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.

Did you know that your diet and lifestyle can affect exam performance?

I believe the right nutrition and exercise plan can energise your mind and body to get you through revision time and sharpen your memory, improve concentration and boost confidence.
However, the wrong dietary and lifestyle choices can potentially put you at a disadvantage.

exam season, relaxing with a good book is always a good idea
Time to relax with a good novel is always a good idea.

Diet will have a huge effect on your body and mind, choose the wrong meals and you can become sluggish and tired, but if you give your brain the right fuel, you will be able to think quicker, have a better memory and have improved concentration.

The key to boosting your energy and keeping your concentration levels up are nutritious foods, water and oxygen.

Here are my top tips for success during exam season:

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Stay Away From Caffeine

Drinking energy drinks like Red Bull or high amounts of tea and coffee will give you a short burst of energy but will burn out and give you a sugar crash.

Try not to rely on the caffeine fix to get you through the regions and exams. Switch to a warming hot chocolate instead!

keep the body hydrated. image of a glass of water with lemon slice

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Herbal drinks and water hydrate your brain and encourages it to function at an optimum level, delivering nutrients to the brain and eliminating toxins.

Being hydrating is essential for concentration, clarity of thinking and mental alertness.

exam season- eating food right for the body and mind helps sluggishness

Avoid Snacking On Junk Food and Ordering Takeaways

A lot of students can fall prey to this mistake because they are so busy revising they run out of time to buy and prepare food in advance, unlersas of course they are living at home!

A long exam is like a mental marathon so endurance is crucial and having the right diet is a no-brainer. I’ve shared some easy and yummy meals, that you can make in advance and keep in the freezer.

image of a cosy chair from loaf - the importance of getting a good night sleep during exam season

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Tempting as it is to cram a week’s worth of revision into one night is never a good idea. You’ll get much more benefit from a solid 8 hours’ sleep. The mor nerves we have, often the sleep becomes disturbed too. Here’s how to guarentee a good nights sleep, both parents and students alike!

Many students tend to study in their rooms, however if you are able to separate the study zone and the relaxing and sleep zone, the quality of the nights sleep is vastly improved.

the great outdoors and exercise helps the body sleep and rest and recover. Image of a cosy chair from loaf


Often when we feel stressed or overwhelmed, we feel we just don’t have the time to exercise. Having worked with clients, who felt the same for almost a decade, they all felt a huge benefit for taking some time out of their busy lives to get some training in. What’s more, they felt more productive too with improved memory! Win!

Exercise can help boost energy levels, clear the mind and relieve stress. Just 20 minutes of fresh air and exercise a day will boost your mood and concentration too.

A walk around the block can really make the world of difference – to all of us; parents and students alike. A walk and talk is always a good idea!

image of books, glasses and reading lamp - exam season is upon us


I can totally appreciate that this time of our Teens lives can feel like it’s THE most stressful time for them. The last 20 months of extremely disturbed schooling due to the pandeamic, has been stressful for everyone..

Go easy…

That’s both parents and students!

Exam stress can be shown in many different emotions and behaviours.

Take time to talk; share how you are feeling… talking, tears and sharing emotions, nerves, worry, make all the difference. Please don’t keep the worry to yourself students!

Good luck and try not to stress too much. It will be OK…

I really hope this guide helps you and your students alike to navigate the exam season.

Let me know if these tips have helped you and also how the exams go. Join in the conversation over on my Instagram. We are all in this together!

Very best wishes as always,

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