How To Recharge Your Batteries In One Powerful Hour.

26 July, 2021 | Lifestyle, Power Of An Hour, Wellbeing

Embrace the calm

This Power of an Hour is for YOU!⁣ What will you do today to recharge the batteries so that you’re ready to embrace anything that comes your way?

Remember the analogy about looking after your oxygen mask on an airplane before you look after anyone elses.? The same applies to your everyday life.. ⁣

Please don’t ignore the warning signs, take time out for you.

If you are running on empty or your emotional bank account is overdrawn, then everything will feel so much harder, or even stop. Ignore the warning signs and you could become poorly and require an enforced rest, so pay attention to your body.⁣

Whatever you decide to do during your hour, make sure you focus on you… removing what you don’t need and putting in place things to ensure you are functioning at your very best you:⁣

Without distraction

Without scrolling

With purpose and intention.

Some ideas about what you can do on this Power of an Hour just for you:

image of diary and pencil in the sunshine make time to recharge the batteries

Diary Check ⁣

Make sure you haven’t overstretched yourself this forthcoming week. Do you need to rearrange anything or book any workouts? ⁣

image of pencils and notebook indicating taking time to book the appointments thus recharge the batteries

Health Check :⁣

When did you last visit the dentist, have your blood pressure checked, or have an eye test..? ⁣ Is your smear test up to date?

Do you need to book any appts? We all know that times flies and we can easily lose track of the weeks and months.

image of a home spa, bathroom setting for a quiet hour to recharge the batteries

Home Spa⁣

(although a trip to an actual spa would be amazing! Would be amazing wouldn’t it?)

Light some candles, run a bubble bath, pop on a facemask and some chilled music. I’ve created some playlists if you’d like some inspiration. Have an early night.. ⁣

image of a cup and a notebook for journalling - peace and quiet to recharge the batteries

Quiet Time

Having a quiet spot in your home where you can sit and read your favourite fiction, journal or even meditate, is quite magical.

Some feel spending your time like this is a luxury. I feel that taking time in the quiet, is essential to health, wellbeing and piece of mind.

If an hour seems too much to start, try just 15 minutes and build up. Consider adding a block of time to your diary. Make quiet time happen.

Image of lady doing up fitness shoe lace ready for a workout sharing that excerise can also recharge the batteries


Sometimes we feel too tired to workout or are simply too busy. However, by scheduling a workout into your Power of an Hour, you can really inject some energy into the rest of your day.

I believe the key is finding something you love. Walking in the fresh air, yoga, running, anything as long as it brings you joy.

Personally, I love the online workouts from Digme Fitness, having discovered them through Lockdown, they have really kept me sane! SO many workouts to choose from to workout out with live or on demand. take a look, I think you’ll love them too.

Image of cup and vase indiactying the calm and peceful surroundings related to self care & recharge the batteries
Taking the time to stop, refuel in the quiet is so powerful.

I’d love to know what you’ll do just for YOU during this Power of an Hour and how you feel afterwards. ⁣I really hope you add these to your week so that you’re recharged and ready to embrace anything that comes your way.⁣⁣

Sending love

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