Make Your Dreams Come True By Answering These Simple Questions.

30 September, 2021 | Lifestyle, Power Of An Hour, Wellbeing

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This blog is all about you! Let’s explore how to make your dreams come true by answering some simple questions.

Let’s discover what’s holding you back and how you can make that first move to unlocking the life you want.

If not now, then when? Grab a cuppa, your journal and a comfy spot – let’s go in!

If you were to write a list right now about what you would like your life to look like, what would be on it?

Take 5 minutes (or as long as you wish) to write down in your journal or notebook, everything you’d LOVE to be doing.

Don’t over think it.

Consider it almost like a wish list. You don’t need to think how it will happen, just simply what you would like your life to look like..

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

‘Rather than stifling enterprise, the pandemic has led to entrepreneurs creating new businesses in response to the crisis’

Dylan Jones-Evans, Business Live
journal with a pen, sunlight relfecgting palm trees onto the journal

These last 20 months have thrown our worlds upside down and inside out. The way we live, work and travel have all changed.

Face to face interviews for jobs became a 10 minute video submission to the panel sharing what you could bring to the company.

small bench and eucalyptus in a vase

We worked from home, our childrens classrooms became the dining room table and we spent more time than ever online, connecting, communicating and evolving.

More than ever, we have become a world where we have had to adapt and craete a new way of living.

For many people I’ve had spoken to, it has bought a conversation of what has worked well for them during these strange times.

People have shared with me that they’ve felt that working from home has been better for them as the commuting times are non existant, therefore improving their quality of life. For some, it’s given them the nudge they needed to create their dream business or structure their home life balance a little better.

With this in mind what’s on your wishlist?

Maybe you’d like to start your own business.


Move the the country.

Write a book.

Overcome your biggest fear.

Find your body confidence..

Renovate a room in your home or maybe build your own home.

A dream might come true when you have your own home and a calm sitting room, blush pink sofa coffee table with a plant and soft throw

Whatever made your wish list, NOW is the time.

ASK YOURSELF: What’s holding you back from making your dreams a reality?

You may already know.

Perhaps you are thinking “nothing is holding me back” but don’t have exact clarity on where to start.

That’s OK.

Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.


Imagine the thermometer in your home.

Set it to 21 degrees, guess what? Your home becomes a gorgeous 21 degrees – no more, no less.

Imagine if you set your personal thermometer to HIGH. You removed all the worry, self limiting beliefs and behaved that your wish had already become true.

What would you be doing?
What would your day look like?
What would you be wearing, feeling, saying?
Dreams come true with this stunning garden room, white with lots of greens plants of shelves
image of lady sitting cross legged reading with a mug of hot drink

Once you know the answers to these simple questions, you can start to make your dreams become true.

Really knowing what you’d like your life to look like and actually visualise, right down to the nitty gritty, what it would look like, that’s when the magic starts to happen1

Be bold, be brave and go for it!

”Happiness Is Not Something Readymade. It Comes From Your Own Actions.”

Dalai lama

More than anything, these last couple of years have taught us that nothing is certain and whilst that can be really scary. In some form it’s exciting..

Now really is the time to go for it.. make that jump, live that dream, because if not now – when?

It’s OK to make YOU a priority and create the live you wish to have.

I’d love to know how your attitudes and passions have changed. Please do join me on Instagram, where the conversation continues, with inspirational weekly mini missions which help you make life changes so your dreams come true.

Sending love and light, as always,


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