How to make an L shaped sofa from hay bales

13 July, 2022 | Interiors, Lifestyle

This Blog shares how I used hay bales to create an L shaped sofa, creating a relaxation area for your wedding or party guests.

We recently organised a special birthday party in our garden and used hay bales to create an L shaped sofa. The aim was to create a relaxation area for our guests and as the theme was “festival” I opted to use hay bales for the seating.

Living in rural devon, it was very helpful living near a farm where I could buy the bales relatively cheaply (although the farmer tells me he sells the bales to people for events all over the country)

Having searched for the type of bales I needed and possible designs, there was relatively little information so I thought I’d share with you how I created the look.

It’s a perfect solution for parties, weddings, garden parties and even just a relaxed afternoon with friends.

Things to consider when building a safe out of hay or straw bales.

Allergies. Be mindful of your guests who have hayfever. As a family, we all suffer with this allergy, however by using the throws, all contact was bought to a minimum.

Straw or hay debate. It really is totally up to you which you choose, the cost is generally the same. The straw can be more itchy and the bales can fall apart more easily. We found the hay softer to sit on and the bales more substantial.

Timing. In an ideal world, the weather will be dry and the evenings damp free! The last thing you want if a soggy sofa! Remember I’m in the UK! Once you know where and how you’re going to place the bales, the set up is super quick. if you can leave the creation until the morning of your event, after the dew has gone OR if you need to set up the day before, ensure you have enough waterproof coverings to ensure the hay remained dry.

With an idea in my head and a sketch on paper, I set about making the L shaped sofa from the hay bales I’d collected from the farmer earlier that morning.

To create the L shaped sofa, you will need:

12 average sized rectangular hay bales

6 cushions

2 wooden pallets

Hessian cloth

Seagrass Tray


Fresh flowers and Ivy from the garden (or your local florist / supermarket)

Vases or old jam jars of various heights.

Creating your L shaped sofa with hay bales.

Place two bales lengthways, side by side.

Place two further bales, in front of the first two, in order to form a rectangle.

Next place two further bales, on top of the original two.

If you have twining, you could attach the bales together to prevent movement and additional security / peace of mind.

However, I didn’t feel the need to take this option as everything seemed pretty stable.


This is your first sofa!

Repeat these steps with the remaining bales, adjacent to your first sofa, forming your L shape.

image of l shaped sofa made from hay


Should you wish to have arm rests, place an additional bale at the end of each sofa, on it’s side.

Instead of creating an L shape sofa, place the second sofa opposite facing the first sofa for a different style / feel.


Positioning the throws.

In order to ensure comfort, one throw was placed on each seat, covering the hay and tucked under the “back part of the sofa or two higher bales.

Place a further throw over the top of the higher bales and tick in, ensuring no hay is visible or sticking out. Use the bale tie to keep the throw in place.

image of l shaped sofa made from hay

When you’re happy with the positioning, you have your sofa made.

Simply add the cushions. I grabbed these from the house, they are from a selection from Ikea.


Adding a plant between the two sofas and at the end of the L, creates a softness and ensures the space was filled. I forgot to take an image after I added them but this is what I used, all from Ikea and borrowed from the house and a good friend! You could add a stool or bale here to create a coffee table and an additional space for glasses.

Soft Furnishings

Using a selection of throws and cushions from the house, made sure there was no hay sticking to legs and created an extra softness to the seating! They are from Ikea and range from £3-£10 They are all machine washable and so it didn’t matter if they got a little fizz on them!

Natural Touches

On the morning of the party, I spotted this seagrass footstool from the Habitat section of my local Sainsburies store.

Having checked, there aren’t any currently available online, however I’ve shared a few very similar ones here:

Where did I find my Inspiration?

We didn’t have the budget for some of the fabulous outdoor furniture available. Howeve,r here’s a little insight to my garden kitchen and outdoor space vision board from where I got my inspiration.

l shaped sofa from Bridgman

How stunning is this Mayfair Rattan Modular Sofa Set from Bridgman? A gorgeous outdoor lounging set is perfect for adding a touch of style to the garden. The adjustable table makes this a great addition for both lounging and dining.

Relaxing on outdoor comfy sofa with a good book, is one of the most perfect ways to spend time in the garden on a warm Summer’s Day. In the Autumn, add a blanket and a warm hot chocolate!


From Jo Alexander, the Tuscan Reclaimed Daybed is made with rustic reclaimed teak.

At an extra large size of 300cm, it’s perfect if you are looking for a much larger day bed option for your garden space.

I love that the charm of the Tuscan Range is the knowledge that it’s had a previous life – maybe as an old beam or floorboard dating up to 100 years old, and is now beautifully crafted as a enduring piece of garden furniture.

3 Seater Sofa Dining Set

This sofa from Charles Ted features a 3-seater sofa, two armchairs and a riser table. Perfect for garden hosting. I love the special design of the table offers which allows it to be used as a dining table or lowered for use as a coffee table. A winner for sure!

All pieces are crafted from all weather 5mm PE rattan with a hand woven mixed half round / full round weave in a washed grey finish. The sofa and chairs have luxurious showerproof cushions in a soft grey colour to complement the colour of the rattan.

This area was a hit with teens and adults

This space was a real hit for the teens and adults alike, it was really comfortable and really created a lovely, relaxed vibe to our party.

I really hope this has helped and inspired you to create your special cosy and relaxing area for your wedding or party and that you have an incredible time.

Do let me know!

I hope this Blog helps you create your L shaped sofa and relaxation space for your special event and has provided some inspiration. Please let me know in the comments below.

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